the traveling tap 4 } the pantiles } leatherhead, surrey

On a freezing morning in January, Roxie and I took my fourth Traveling Tap out for a walk around my brother’s new home in Leatherhead, Surrey. As always, I put her through the wringer. And as always, she obliged. Click here for more of her adventures.

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the traveling tap four } current location } beirut, lebanon

So this is what happens when there are multiple custodians of the tapestry. I get a deluge of very similar posts. However. Each and every one is special because I know how much work goes into taking one of these shots. So I’d like to thank one mother, two aunties, and two cousins for taking […]

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the traveling tap 2 } current location } sri lanka

Thank you Instagrammers @alexklimcom and @jharbor for joining the ranks of other Tap 2 custodians! Check out where this lucky tapestry has been by clicking on The Traveling Tap 2. For her sister tapestries click on The Traveling Tap, The Traveling Tap 3, The Traveling Tap 4 and The Traveling Tap 5.

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the traveling tap 2 } current location } doha, qatar

This tapestry is in Doha at the moment, being taken care of by one of my best friends, Maysaa Almumin. To locate the other four tapestries and where they are and have been, click on tapestry 1, tapestry 3, tapestry 4 or tapestry 5. And if you’re interested in taking care of one of these […]

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the traveling tap } current location } london

If you’re wondering about TheTravelingTap series, you can read about it here. It would be so cool if you could take part. So far I have four in circulation: one is in Goa, one is in Beirut, and one is in California. This one is in London, soon on her way to Barcelona. If only I […]

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