Traffic Lights & Other Observations|Why I’m an Idiot and Not a Very Polite Person Sometimes

To all of this, my mom’s repeated words to me, “Just let it go! Ish3alaich minhum?” What? Just let men stare at me because they feel it’s their divine right? And it’s not as if they find me attractive because my looks don’t appeal to the Kuwaiti, Middle Eastern, Indian, or Philipino (actually they don’t […]

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Traffic Lights & Other Observations|La Dee Dah Boys (and Girls)

Everybody has a public bathroom story.

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Traffic Lights & Other Observations|Sleep & Wake

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There’s Always Something to Write On/Scribble in

I hate going out in this country. I have many obligatory family visits that put such a damper in my day, even though I happen to be fond of many of my family members. I just always prefer to stay at home. Especially when I’m at a crucial part of a painting and the whole […]

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