Sadu House } Laila Al-Hamad’s Zeri Crafts

I must admit that I am finding it difficult to get around to visiting galleries. But every now and then, I make the time, like I did this morning. I visited Laila Al-Hamad’s Zeri Crafts exhibition at the Sadu House. I went because Laila spoke to me about her idea  to contemporize the sadu (traditional Gulf […]

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Cultural Re-Expressions Revisited|The Miniatures

A week ago, I got a call from  Dr. Tim Sullivan. He said he liked my paintings from the 2004 Cultural Re-Expressions exhibition, but that his walls in Utah weren’t big enough for the large-scale works. So he commissioned me to make smaller ones. Tiny ones, to be exact. Tiny for my big, fat fingers. […]

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Homes: Tareq Alkandari

This painting currently resides in Tareq’s office. I think it is my most travelled (within Kuwait and out) painting. It has yet to settle down in a permanent home. It is a little nomadic so I don’t see that happening in the near future. For now, it looks great where it is.

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