Homes|I Own Art Too!|Part I

  I’m always waiting to receive photos of my works in their new homes (hint, hint to everyone who’s promised to send me a picture and hasn’t!). I do get so excited when I finally do. And then I thought: wait a minute, I’ve got my own little collection of paintings and photographs I’d like […]

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Exhibition 50/20 Part II|The Sultan Gallery

I know I said the last time that I finally made it to the first installment of The Sultan Gallery’s 50/20 Exhibition. But this time I finally, finally made it. It’s been a week since the show opened. I like the whole idea of having two parts of a show, version one and version two. […]

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Homes:Maysaa Al-Mumin & Thomas Modeen|Doha, Qatar

    One moment she was in my studio in Kuwait, and the next she was in an American SUV driven by Maysaa Al-Mumin en route to Doha, Qatar via Saudi Arabia. She’s now finally up on the Modeen living room wall. This painting, The Note, has seen many exhibitions and even traveled to Florence […]

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