Monira Al Qadiri|The Tragedy of Self

I am so happy that I made it to Monira Al Qadiri’s solo exhibition The Tragedy of Self, at the Sultan Gallery last night. However, I could just kick myself in the bum for not taking my camera with me (I’m disappointed in myself for allowing this dust to keep me from going back this […]

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PrettyGreenBullet|The Exhibition|November 9, 2010

For all the hardships endured in getting this exhibition up and ready, I would say that the opening went quite smoothly. And I think I might have even enjoyed it a little too much for a girl whose legs were about to collapse into a fleshy pile around her feet. But enough of my wobbly […]

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Your Friends and Neighbors|Jowhara Al Saud

It’s rare that I go to exhibitions here and really connect, or come out inspired. But last night I went to Jowhara Al Saud‘s show at the Sultan Gallery and immediately warmed up to her prints. Now, I’m not one to deface (or re-face in this instance) others’ works. I’m just trying to expand on […]

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Miti & Me

On January 6 (David Bowie’s birthday), my friend Miti and I embarked on a tour of downtown Kuwait and Sabhan. We started out with a highly ambitious plan to visit the Behbehani Complex (check), the Grand Mosque (we drove by and waved), Mubarakia (check), Kuwait’s Museum of Modern Art (skip) and The Sultan Gallery for […]

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