Teddy B’s Exhibition

I went to the highly anticipated (well, I was excited!) Teddy B exhibition last night at the Sultan Gallery. As expected, the gallery was swarming with Kuwait’s haves, have-nots, and would-probably-like-to-have-a-little-bit-mores. I’m not going to go into the noble little stories of Teddy, you can find those here. But I will talk about the exhibition […]

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Teddy Bee, My Girls & Me

I finally finished the painting this morning. Click here for the Facebook invite, and here for Teddy’s blog.

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Teddy Bee Almost Complete

I started this painting months and months ago after a visit from Teddy Bee and his mom/companian/human friend. It’s going to be sold for a charity of his choice soon. I’ll post the final painting and more details by Sunday.

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Teddy Bee|March 6

I’m approaching this painting from a totally different and new angle to how I normally work. There is absolutely no plan, I’m being extra spontaneous and I’m taking my sweet time. I have about another six months to finish it and that is a big part of how I plan to work on this canvas. […]

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