girls & the pantiles

One of the things I love about being at my brother and his family’s Surrey home is the immediate burst of inspiration I get. From the ever-changing landscape to the three overgrown greenhouses in the wooded area, my heart always swells with excitement! How could I not integrate my work with the nature and architecture the Pantiles has to offer? […]

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uk days } the most wonderful trip

What a perfect little trip I took. All across the board, from finally visiting the Dennis Severs House, to successful shopping sprees, to a dear friend’s wedding. And even the pitfalls were to laugh about almost immediately. But alas with a most wonderful trip, comes a tremendous dip. I was feeling the anti-climax all day yesterday. […]

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airplane timelines } flight ba157 london to kuwait } april 10, 2015

In this post I’m including our last days in London and visit to Leatherhead to see N, T and the girls.

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the traveling tap 4 } the pantiles } leatherhead, surrey

On a freezing morning in January, Roxie and I took my fourth Traveling Tap out for a walk around my brother’s new home in Leatherhead, Surrey. As always, I put her through the wringer. And as always, she obliged. Click here for more of her adventures.

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watercolor sketchbook } polkadot face

As long as we’re talking about my Watercolor Sketchbook, I thought I’d share some extra photos taken around my brother’s new home in Surrey.

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uk days } part one

I am finding being in the UK rather difficult this time. I don’t know if it’s my long stay (two weeks) when I’m missing my kids already, Naz leaving tonight or the loneliness I’m feeling without *him*. It’s not like I hadn’t been here before without him in my life, but somehow it’s sadder this […]

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