UK days } april 28 to may 8, 2016 } part III

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airplane timelines train

This one was mostly on the train to Leatherhead.

airplane timelines may 2016 I


airplane timelines may 2016 II


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the traveling tap 4 } exit 293, kuwait

and finally yasmine gets a good shot


Last weekend my sister and I were invited to a ‘Kuwaiti’ party at our friend H’s beach house by the Saudi border. It was the equivalent of a toga party, but instead of Roman garb, the dress code was dishdashas for the men and dara’at (women’s robes) for the ladies. Folkloric singer Ismail Karam and his troop provided the music. It was fun. And freezing. And surreal (with the dishdashas and full men’s head dress, it was so difficult to distinguish the Kuwaiti men from the non-Kuwaitis. Not that that was important but several times I’d be thrown off). My sister and I stayed the night.

The next morning I was the first one up so I went out for a quiet walk with my tapestry and took some lovely photos. After breakfast with the Greek ambassador Theodoros Theodorou and long time Kuwaiti-resident Antonella Fanelli, and later a second breakfast with the rest of the sleepover party, my sister, Antonella and I went for another walk and photo session with the tapestry.

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Bazaar & Me} Boushahri’s Summer Art Salon 2011

surprise! mine's the one in the middle

I finally picked up my copy of Bazaar this morning and found a lovely surprise inside. Really cool :).

Gallery Tilal Summer Exhibit

my eve shredding the note on the right and a painting by aya khair. i'm kicking myself for not getting the name of the sculptor so if anyone can help i'd appreciate it

I can’t believe these paintings have been up all summer! I would have loved to have visited earlier. It’s nice to know that something was going on in this long season of draught. If anyone is interested, the exhibition will be up until the end of August, at Gallery Tilal. Read More

Dar Al-Funoon Summer Exhibition 2010

I am proud to say that Fairuz is now hanging at the Dar Al-Funoon Gallery as part of its annual summer exhibit. The gallery, situated in the Behbehani Villas in Sharq (see map), is open twice a day every day except for Friday and Saturday. Times: 10am-1pm/4pm-7pm

Thanks to photographer Khaled Al-Saleh for the photos.

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