your stories needed!

Ladies, lend me your voices! As many of you know, I have an exhibition coming up in January, and for this I would like your stories. These stories will be played audibly as a ‘soundtrack’ to the exhibition, so please don’t send anything you feel uncomfortable about sharing. I won’t be editing or censoring anything. All you have to […]

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Press|Stories of Eves|Marie Claire Kuwait

For those of you who like this sort of thing.

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Eve Shreds the Note|From Nothing to an Angry Bride

This is a video I made with my son, Khaled, from footage I had taken of myself painting Eve Shreds the Note. Actually, he did most of the work; I just sat there trying to be helpful but ended up hindering his efforts to get on with it. Music by (in order): Elbow/The Birds, Aimee […]

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Ghadah Alkandari|Stories of Eves

Ten days left. Or is it nine? I’m starting to feel a bit of the buzz I usually get a few weeks before any exhibition. The butterflies I usually reserve for opening day. That’s when I can’t sit still and it’s best to avoid me. Cross the bridge for a map to Gallery Tilal.

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Bazaar Magazine & Me

This piece about my up-coming exhibition Stories of Eves was just published in the March issue of Bazaar Magazine. Click here for the complete article. Thank you, SB, for the interview.

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Photographing Eves on a Monday

          Jana came in this morning to photograph the complete Stories of Eves collection. I tried to set up the studio the best way I could to achieve maximum efficiency. I love to feel that I can win over time, so I’m always finding ways to reduce it. So much that […]

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