Stories of Eves|Complete Collection

eve takes a profile pic, 2010, acrylic and collage on canvas, 230 x 140 cm Here is my complete Stories of Eves collection. The paintings were photographed by Jana Alnaqeeb.

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Stories of Eves Exhibition Photos|Mohammed Alkandari

And another opening passes by. I wish I could have enjoyed it more but I was (and still am) in the midst of nursing what feels like a stomach virus again. For someone who takes pleasure in food, that sucks. I hope, however, that for those of you who didn’t attend, you enjoy the photos […]

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Gallery Tilal|Eve’s Letter From Eve|November 21, 2010 am

I finally got around to resuming work for my next exhibition at the Gallery Tilal. Needless to say, after a short hiatus following my PrettyGreenBullet Exhibition, I was hungry to paint, collage and play again. I have high hopes for this three-panelled piece, although I’m still not at that point where I’m confident about it.

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