Please remember that Fairuz is on display at the Boushahri Gallery for a week. The gallery is located in Salmiya, Baghdad Street, Building 36. Park your car in the back, there’s usually lots of space. If you’re walking, you can go straight through the side door (by the camera store). Morning hours are 10am-1pm, evening hours […]

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Fairuz & Me|March 6 AM

I’m at a bit of a low here with Fairuz. But I still know what I want to achieve and how to do it so I’m fine. It’s been such a struggle with her. To me, she is not like the painting of Um Kulthum, which was a literal translation from photo to painting. With […]

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Fairuz & Me|March 3 PM

  She’s beginning to come together and I’m enjoying the process again. I know what I want, it’s just going to take time. Fairuz, you must be spectacular, spectacular, SPECTACULAR.

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Fairuz & Me|February 22 Morning

She’s proving to be a little difficult. It’s very hard getting bits and pieces from one photo or another. I really need to feel her and it’s not happening yet. But it’ll come. I can’t wait to get back to my girls. At least they don’t fight back. Not like Fairuz anyway.

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