secretary } opening night photos by mohammed alkandari

  Listen to Amazed by Poe Finally my brother Mohammed’s long-awaited photos from Secretary opening night. I love that he shoots in black and white, and when he shoots in color it’s always so vibrant. I can’t thank him enough for always being so supportive. Big hug.

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to be a secretary

When I was little, I used to love it when, in Egyptian movies, the heroine would receive a letter. I would scurry in my seat in anticipation of what would happen next. First she’d tear the envelope open, with passion, then she’d unfold the letter, with passion (the crinkle oh my GOD), and lastly she’d read the letter […]

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tuesday night, bring your appetites

Thank you, Mo, for working with me on this. My brother.

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time to draw those little red circles around a date

This is it. It’s official and there’s no turning back. I know many of you can’t be here but never underestimate the power of good will. Wish me luck!

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and in the news today

I am so happy with this ledger I’ve been working on for my upcoming exhibition that I couldn’t resist sharing a few pictures with you tonight. Details about the exhibition are soon to come! Just a quickie, I did these by firstly using decopatch glue to transfer the newsprint onto the paper, and afterwards using carbon paper […]

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