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Christmas time is upon us, it’s snowing on prettygreenbullet and I’m in the mood for a bit of shopping. As much as I’ve always appreciated hand-crafted items, my last trip to London, specifically the Contemporary Crafts & Design Fair in Chelsea, intensified my desire for all things handmade with passion and love. So in the spirit of Christmas […]

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Sadu House } Laila Al-Hamad’s Zeri Crafts

I must admit that I am finding it difficult to get around to visiting galleries. But every now and then, I make the time, like I did this morning. I visited Laila Al-Hamad’s Zeri Crafts exhibition at the Sadu House. I went because Laila spoke to me about her idea  to contemporize the sadu (traditional Gulf […]

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new painting|drinks & cigarettes

This is a commissioned work I started two days ago and finished this morning. Weeks ago, the request was simple: to paint a picture influenced by Sadu weaving. As simple as my goal was, I found myself floundering under the weight of the original painting I started for the job. It just wasn’t working out for […]

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Homes:Dr. Tim Sullivan

Dr. Sullivan sent me this last night. He spread the pictures on the wall but felt they were lost, so he divided them by this sadu an ‘old bedouin woman who made it’ gave to him a few weeks ago. He says, ‘I say hello to the children every morning.’ That is so cool.

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