meet amalie. and agnes

I named this woman Amalie after a friend’s daughter. I imagine the original Amalie will grow up to be this. As for Agnes, that was a friend’s suggestion for the subject of this portrait. But I’d already chosen Amalie, so I decided to introduce another subject. Woof woof!

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four sketches for anna

Anna, for you and your wonderful distractions. Thanks for the song that made me dance and a story that nearly made me cry. Gorillaz, O’ Green World

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leporello } sometimes life is more manageable in sections } part I

I just ordered two accordion notebooks and am so excited to create my storybook drawings in one of them. I was inspired to use this format after I visited the Etel Adnan exhibition at the Mathaf Museum in Doha last spring. And thanks to my own exhibition’s co-curator Namkha for teaching me the word ‘leporello’. I love it.

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three odes to the venn diagram

Happy birthday, Mr. Venn.

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