metal heart, rainbow tears

  You know what makes me cry? Watching people greet each other at the airport. I’m such a sap and it’s a great time passer, especially when you’re waiting around for a loved one to walk through those sliding doors. Rainbow tears from one with a metal heart. What makes you cry?

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new watercolor painting } colorful woman/the psychology of rainbows

I’ve been feeling rather rainbow-ish lately. I’ve always loved a good rainbow; they’re so exciting to spot and so rare in this part of the world. But they’re also a throwback to the early 80s, an era in which their popularity in sartorial culture soared. I owned everything rainbow: rainbow shoelaces, rainbow-handled tote-bag, rainbow wig. […]

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trouble in polyhedra-land

A couple days ago I decided to tackle the 270-piece polyhedron, so found this site for instructions. The instructions were clear and helpful, and I should have read them very carefully before beginning the challenge. Luckily, I hadn’t created new sonobe units for this structure. But silly of me to not have read the part about larger units […]

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