Babies on the Mind

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Sketchbook Z|Six Sketches

In mid-pregnancy I developed this condition called ptyalism. Wikipedia insensitively (or possibly more accurately) calls it drooling. I was going through an average of five-yes five-boxes of tissues a day. The tissues became a huge part of my daily life for weeks until I discovered that mistika gum worked wonders to subdue my salivary glands.

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Sketchbook Z|Three Lonely Sketches

I’m trying to present these sketches in sequence, especially this sketchbook since it follows my pregnancy with Z. There are only three sketches here because the pages after these are the tissue box series which merit their own post.

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Sketchbook Z|Twelve Pages

These are the first pages of a sketchbook I filled out in 2000. I was just pregnant with my daughter, Z. Reading and looking through it reminds me why I stopped having babies after that.

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