bald woman

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From the Bspot|Wax|Originally Posted August 5, 2009

This picture is more about the lady in the corner, discretely depilating herself, than the woman in the foreground. Body hair has always been a tremendous complex for a hirsute Arab like me. The woman is in pain and discomfort. She’s bent like a contortionist in a plexiglass box. She’s probably sweating and her sheera/halawa/sukar […]

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From the Bspot|Pretty|Originally Posted August 7, 2009

I wouldn’t call it an accusation, but people tell me I paint ‘ugly’ women.¬†First of all, I don’t think my women are ugly at all. They are gloriously formidable, headstrong and confrontational. In a way, I think that subconsciously I create them as an alterego. They are not your conventional heroine who goes around saving […]

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