A Poem By Rola El Hussein

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This poem by Rola El Hussein was taken from her book titled I Only Move to Have the Dust Wiped From Underneath Me. She writes in Arabic but I tried my best to translate the poem in her spirit. Thank you, Rola, for inspiring this illustration. Read More

A Poem By Reem

This is a tiny video I made, inspired by and ‘illustrated’ for Reem Al-Ali’s poem Untitled [lesbian]. I am including the actual poem below because to my horror, the poem is illegible. So sorry, Reemy, I’ll do better next time.

Untitled [lesbian]

Together they crawled into a left-out space,

and made it their own…

They were both different and the same,

to it they were drawn…

At the dark red they both glanced,

and laughed at an order gone and thrown.

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