hour drawing two } second hour

I cheated. Sort of. I’m supposed to only be doing an hour a day, but an hour a few hours apart counts to me. 

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Ballerina Pink|Sunday, June 5 am

Although I love receiving comments on PrettyGreenBullet, I publish these ‘painting-in-progress’ posts simply to share. It’s hard for me to work on a painting with other people’s voices in my head. I do know and appreciate that different people prefer these paintings at different stages. As for me, I not only enjoy the process, but […]

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In 2006, I had this idea for an anonymous magazine, giving the writer/artist/photographer not just the freedom to display uncensored work, but the opportunity to be whoever they choose to be. The concept was to go all out, no holds barred. I e-mailed, messaged and called my most opinionated/creative friends and requested (demanded really) submissions.

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