new video illustration

You know it’s rewarding when you spend six hours doing it and the result is six seconds long. I haven’t done a ‘video’ for ages and as I was driving the other morning, listening to Elbow’s Mirrorball, I started visualizing the song. Of course I have no idea where this will go but I think […]

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the little ones } products of play

I wanted to create something earlier this morning. There was a thing I had in mind but it wasn’t working, not today. So I did these and I feel very good about them. I like them a lot.

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The Dot Catchers

A dear, dear friend of mine (and one of my most favorite women in the world) called me the other day as I was doing my grocery shopping. She’d just seen my post Why it’s Important to Play and loved the whole potato thing. Over the phone-at the supermarket, I’m surprised how I managed to […]

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Fallen R

This is a lady who was on my wall for over a year. A few days ago she just couldn’t stay on my wall any longer so she took a leap. A few days before that, Jana came over to take some photos and said, ‘Hey, she looks like Reham.’ I agreed. And then she […]

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