a visit from a dear friend yields photographic fruit

A dear friend of mine visited me this weekend. David Dobson. David is a professional photographer and amateur side-splitter. The last time I had seen David was in the Cairo American College auditorium where I bid him a warm good-bye. I really liked David in high school. He not only made everyone laugh but you […]

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Contemporary Art Auction|17 February 2010|Kuwait

I didn’t attend the auction last night so asked PH7 photographer Khaled Al-Saleh to send me some photos. It was fun going through them and seeing who was there from the comfort of my own room!

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Homes: Laura Boushnak|Pristina, Kosova

When photographer, and dear friend, Laura Boushnak visited Kuwait, she was so generous with her time, taking photos of me in preparation for my Yellow Tape Portraits exhibition, and consequently during set up and the exhibition itself. I couldn’t see her off with nothing so I painted her a picture.

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Laura Boushnak’s Photos: Yellow Tape Portraits Part I

These are photos taken by Palestinian photographer Laura Boushnak. I was lucky to have her around while preparing for my show, The Yellow Tape Portraits. For someone who loves posing for photos (it’s an Alkandari flaw) it was very difficult to ignore the presence of a camera. But Laura made it easy. This is part […]

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