watercolor sketchbook } the entreaty of versailles


the entreaty of versailles

to beseech or not to beseech

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portrait of a balloon } nearly done

i wanted a stark white background because i want the painting to resemble my sketchbook pages

i painted a stark white background because i want the painting to resemble my sketchbook pages

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christmas comes early

lil' ol' me in my lil' ol' home in lil' ol' kuwait

lil’ ol’ me in my lil’ ol’ home in lil’ ol’ kuwait. it’s best to see it in context but if you don’t want to click on the link below, this is the photo

So I was reading the news on the BBC World website last night and as always I went to the photo section. Immediately my eyes caught the ‘Your Photos’ section. Then I saw ‘Your Pictures of 2013’ subtitled (because it matters to me) ‘A selection of the best readers’ photos’. Immediately my heart sank because I’m used to not being popular, viral or whatever it is that makes you king in this world. Against my better judgment I went to the section and just scrolled through the photos. Needless to say that when I spotted my photo there was a scream, an applause, an e-mail to a friend and three phone calls to three special children. It’s not every day, people! Not every day…

homes } khaled al-fraih

khaled was saying how he walked down the stairs to find the light from a window shining on her. i like that little story

My Girl With a Book has found a new home in Khaled Al-Fraih’s art-filled house. Her neighbor is a Helmi El-Touni painting. Lucky her! Thanks, Khaled for sending me this photo :).

packing for dar.nur } bye-bye, girls

bachir, the leader of the packers. he took very good care of the girls. thank you, bachir

My paintings were finally transported to dar.nur this morning. I have to say I was bubbling with energy, really happy they were going to a better place! Be good, girls. I’ll be visiting every now and then x Read More

Boushahri Gallery 4th Annual Art Salon

boushahri gallery

Boushahri Gallery opened its 4th Annual Salon last Sunday. The exhibition will be open all summer.  Read More

new pictures on friday

paintings about sitting: low chair, 2011, dyed coffee filters and acrylic on canvas, 50cm x 50cm

I started a new series titled Paintings About Sitting today. I really, really enjoyed doing these, from dying the coffee filters with food coloring to cutting and deco-patching the pieces onto the canvas and finally adding in my sitting ladies. Fun, fun, fun! Read More

Stories of Eves|Complete Collection

eve takes a profile pic, 2010, acrylic and collage on canvas, 230 x 140 cm

Here is my complete Stories of Eves collection. The paintings were photographed by Jana Alnaqeeb. Read More

Thuraya Al-Baqsami|Retrospective Exhibition 1970-2011

sergei, 1977, pastels on paper: it is a common (and quite ignorant) misperception in this part of the world that artists who take any path other than the realist one, can’t draw. these are the laypeople. i don’t think they understand that shifting away from realism is a choice the artist makes and not just an easy way out. for these people, none of which will ever look at this blog, so this comment is totally futile: look, thuraya al-baqsami can indeed draw!

Way back in 1991, I borrowed a book from a friend. The title was roughly Contemporary Art in the Islamic World. I remember going through it and systematically writing down the names of the artists whose works I liked; one of the names I wrote down was Thuraya Al-Baqsami’s. I remember her painting in the book of Muscovite rooftops. I thought, how cool-as a Kuwaiti artist-that her work was in a book of such caliber, and wondered if it would ever be me (still working on it. Still working on it.) I never, ever thought that I’d see her work in real life, let alone meet her (and even travel with her! If you want to have a crazy fun time, you travel with Thuraya Al-Baqsami!).

Congratulations to you, Thuraya. I throw you kisses! Read More

good-bye for now

i said farewell to my twenty-four paintings today. i'm not sure why, but i'm feeling quite down in the dumps. and the whole thing feels very anti-climactic because there's a month left until the opening of my exhibition, so it feels like i'm missing the excitement i usually feel right before opening night

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Cultural Re-Expressions 101|A Walk-Through

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A tour of the 2004 exhibition Cultural Re-Expressions 101. The idea and production was my brother Tareq’s and the paintings were done by me. Enjoy!

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Homes:Dr. Tim Sullivan

Dr. Sullivan sent me this last night. He spread the pictures on the wall but felt they were lost, so he divided them by this sadu an ‘old bedouin woman who made it’ gave to him a few weeks ago. He says, ‘I say hello to the children every morning.’ That is so cool. Read More

Homes:Shatha & Qatami Al-Qatami

This morning I visited Ophelia. I have never done this before, just visited a painting of mine in it’s own right. It took my breath away when I spotted it as soon as I walked through Shatha Al-Qatami’s front door. But my first glimpse of Ophelia was through a mirror, which is what took me aback. I’m very directionally impaired and this sense of dislocation had me quite confused for a few seconds. It’s thanks to Shatha pointing at the actual painting that I found Ophelia looking regally over the dining area, a hostess awaiting her guests. Read More


period, 2007, acrylic on canvas, approx. 180cm x 120cm

I painted this one over an older painting. I know, you should never ever do that but I did and felt much better after I did it. Only a fraction of the original painting shows through and that’s the figure you see sitting in the pillow. I was never happy with the original painting. It consisted of different incongruous elements, and unbeknownst to me at the time, was the cause of a very bad taste in my mouth. Only when I defaced it did I realize that I didn’t like the painting at all.

For more paintings of the same period and style (2007), please click ‘more’. Read More

Contemporary Art Auction|17 February 2010|Kuwait

this is one of my favorite works at the auction and I'm happy to announce that it was sold for $37,000

I am very happy to announce that the auction last night raked in over half a million dollars! 30% of the proceeds will benefit K’s Path, which aims to bridge the gap between the humans and animals who call this country their home. And because things happen or tend to be clumped in threes, I’m going to post the top three earners (one of which happens to be Kuwaiti!) Read More

48 Women, a Kitten & Pele|Part Four & Last

36 eyes staring, 2005, acrylic on canvas (four paneled approx. 180cm x 240cm)

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Homes: Noor Alzabin

little picture with no name, 2009, pen & ink on paper. i love the textures in this photo

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Homes: Mohammed Alkandari & Jana Alnaqeeb

maradona, 2008, acrylic on canvas. he stands like a king between two barbershop chairs

I’m introducing the Home section here (which was part of my now defunct blogspot site). Because when I am parted with a painting I feel a little gut-wrenched, I ask for it to be photographed in its new home. And to my delight, many have obliged, bless them. This is the first installment, the home of my brother Mohammed, his wife Jana and their giant schnauzer Iber. Read More

Cultural Re-Expressions 101

boy eating, 2003, acrylic on canvas, 190x200 cm

In 2004, my brother Tareq and I collaborated on an exhibition of his conception and design which he used ‘Cultural Re-Expressions 101’ as a working title for. Soon, that title disappeared and it became ‘that show you did with your brother Tareq at the Life Shopping Center’. Basically, he had this idea to present a collection of paintings which depicted traditional Kuwaiti life through the eyes of a contemporary artist (me). It was very challenging for me because any time I work on something that is a ‘project’, I buckle up and I start churning up shit. So I had to be very careful not to be too literal and not to lose myself in the process. So for each painting, to keep myself sane and stay on the path which is truly Ghadah, I decided to ravel some kind of a storyline that related to me and my memories somehow. Another challenge was painting men. I can paint a man but I don’t enjoy it. It just goes against my natural flow of things.

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No Passing Notes

The Note, 2007

Acrylic on canvas

91×152 cm

Clown Complete

Clown, 2009

Acrylic and oil pastels on canvas

91×151 cm

Yink & Yanc

yink&yanc, 2009, acrylic and markers on canvas

two panels, 20×30 cm each

These are Yink and Yanc. They are my contribution to a charity exhibition spearheaded by Kuwaiti artist Thuraya Al-Baghsami, coordinator of Ghadeer Gallery, and Dr. Labeeba Tameem, a member of the Hayat Committee for Cancer Patients. People, both locally and abroad, of all walks of life, of all ages, have been given a set of 20x30cm canvases, paints and brushes to create little works of art. Hence the exhibition title Small Painting in a Great Heart. The exhibition is tentatively scheduled for the end of January 2010. Please contact Ms. Al-Baghsami ( for any additional details. As always, I will let you know exact dates and times closer to the show.

All profits will go to cancer patients in Kuwait.

Laura Boushnak’s Photos: Yellow Tape Portraits Part II

Organizing my ladies, hup two hup twoThis is the second segment of Laura Boushnak‘s photos of my exhibition: preparations for The Yellow Tape Portraits Exhibition at the Sultan Gallery. Read More

The Yellow Tape Portraits

guardians of the queen

queen's guardians sitting strong and stoic.

These are photos from my last exhibition at the Sultan Gallery, entitled The Yellow Tape Portraits. The show ran from the 10th to the 12th of February, 2009. For more on these paintings please click on the image above. Photos by Mohammed Alkandari Read More

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