vee aye pee

This Global Art Forum has opened up a huge can of worms called the VIP list. This type of caste system has never bothered or affected me until it…well…affected me. First of all, and to borrow a phrase from my Average Joe du jour John Oliver, VIP: how is it still a thing?

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what is contemporary about contemporary art? by kate busby

Every now and then I like to include works by other artists, and sometimes writers too, on PrettyGreenBullet. This is a piece by Kate Busby who I met six weeks ago. It was originally sent to me via email as a casual rant, the version of which I am using in my latest work titled […]

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Huda Lutfi|Zan’it Al-Sittat|The Sultan Gallery

I can’t believe it took me this long to finally make it to Huda Lutfi’s exhibition Zan’it Al-Sittat. Honestly, I just forgot and remembered late last week that this jewel existed in the midst of Sabhan’s warehouses and factories. I walked into the gallery and squeaked with delight (I think I may have even quietly […]

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