In Love With Polyhedrons

I just discovered a new love. It’s more like a tantric obsession with these impossibly irresistible shapes. I get so absorbed by drawing these triangular clusters that I lose track of time and space. And then the triangle gets so ridiculous that my hand forgets how to draw one and I have to think: how […]

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Homes:Shatha & Qatami Al-Qatami

This morning I visited Ophelia. I have never done this before, just visited a painting of mine in it’s own right. It took my breath away when I spotted it as soon as I walked through Shatha Al-Qatami’s front door. But my first glimpse of Ophelia was through a mirror, which is what took me […]

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Under My Ophelia

My daughter’s question prompted me to search my photos of Ophelia in progress. I was shocked at the pictures I found, and flooded by a deluge of memories and emotions ranging from sadness to whimsy. The photos have made me realize how ephemeral my works, in their varioius stages, can be and why it is […]

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Goodbye, Ophelia

It’s been a bittersweet week of hellos and goodbyes. First Um Kulthum and now Ophelia. I didn’t have much time with Um Kulthum so the farewell wasn’t so bad. This one, however. She’s been with me for a year now. Her space feels so empty already. On the other hand, she will be in a […]

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