in triplicate } the creation of unoriginal artwork #76 } my new wave

How’s this for a coincidence. The number 76 is a milestone for me as it was the first time I noticed what year it was (I was six at the time. Is that too old to learn about dates?). I became so conscious of it because I saw it everywhere, this magical number 76. The one that […]

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homes } the office of mohammed al-fraih

This morning, I received  via WhatsApp this photo of Mr. Mohammed Al-Fraih in his office. It took me a few seconds to understand why I got this picture and then I saw my painting. I hold a very special connection with people who acquire my work, and today, Mr. Fraih has moved into a little room […]

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Ballerina Pink at Gallery Tilal

I visited Gallery Tilal this morning to check on my painting Ballerina Pink, which is there for a prospective buyer. I must say, this is one of my most camouflage-ic paintings. It blends in anywhere it’s placed. At least I think it does.

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Homes|Office of Imad Hayat

This painting resides in the office of Imad Hayat, my brother Tareq’s friend and business partner. Thanks, T, for the photos!

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