when your notebook falls apart, you get a surprise like this

I love loose-leaf paper. My triplicate book accidentally ripped down the middle and I took advantage of that little hiccup by tearing the rest of it apart. The drawn-on pages anyway. One of my favorite scenes from one of my favorite childhood movies, Bedknobs and Broomsticks, is when Eglantine Price, the apprentice witch, frantically shuffles through […]

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museum of manufactured response to absence } intervention at the modern museum of modern art

Finally. Kuwait’s Museum of Modern Art holds an exhibition befitting its name (don’t get me wrong, the National Council has wonderful works of arts, but is, unfortunately, poorly curated). I heard about the exhibition Museum of Manufactured Response to Absence: Intervention at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMRtA) months ago and have, since then, been guessing at […]

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folder found

I found this yesterday. I wasn’t looking for it but it was nice to see it again. It brings back memories of my days working at the National Bank of Kuwait’s now defunct Advertising Department. This folder was especially purchased for a training course I took some time in the early 90s. What I found […]

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Sketchbook Twenty Ten Page 56 & Page 57

Ooh I hate it when I make these onsite mistakes! I don’t usually go back to old posts but I decided to do it with this one for some reason. It’s supposed to say ‘on’, not ‘to’. Damn!

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