girls & the mountains

I let the girls run amok in the Pantiles so I figured why not let them go wild up here in the Lebanese mountaintops? 

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hose art

I have a kinky hose. Ok, before you go all ‘that’s what she said’ on me, hear me out. A year ago I bought this shitty hose from Ace Hardware. I swear, it came with built-in kinks. The thing won’t recoil, hardens in the sun and takes forever to spray. And as you can see, […]

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the lion & the chameleon

I was about to walk into my boys’ balcony to water the plants and almost stepped on this: nature’s little masterpiece. As a cloud does with miniscule droplets of condensed water, a dust storm presents us with its paintings in sand, there to be admired (and emulated) by us. So do you see the lion […]

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