New Name Cards

It’s that time again. Having my works at Dar.Nur requires a new set of name cards. Because they are hand drawn, I can just do a few at a time. This is the first batch.

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New Name Cards This Morning

I’m meeting someone today and I’m out of business cards so I made four this morning. Last time I made these was in February. It shows how picky I am about who I give them to. I think definitely I’m giving the person I will meet today one, because it’s a business meeting and she […]

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Name Cards|February 16

Tonight is Jamm’s February 17 charity auction viewing. Whenever there is a major event, and I remember, I like to prepare some name cards to distribute. Today I made a very generous and optimistic ten because I am becoming extremely more picky these days about who I give my number out to.

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Evolution of a Name

If you’ve visited my original site, you may have seen this very crude little video (yes, I’m crude and proud of it) I made on powerpoint. Because I’m slowly transferring my posts, I felt like doing this one today. I haven’t upgraded my blog to directly upload videos here so bear with me as you’re […]

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