a letter from raw epistle

Every now and then I like a Raw Epistle letter so much I share it here. Did I say every now and then? I think I’ve done it just once before. This is a letter I ‘wrote’ to one of my best friends Maysaa Al-Mumin.

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Homes: Nada Dalloul

Months and months ago, I mailed a letter locally via Kuwait’s post. My friend finally received the letter, a picture I did on May 14th titled Dream & the Nonsense. I love the way Nada has made the colors on her shelf work. Maybe it is merely coincidental that the babushka dolls and green, oval […]

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Thank You, Henry

On a shopping spree in Beirut last week, my mom introduced me to Henry’s Handmade boutique. Inside, I met Henry, an accessory maker who works with leather, thread, coins and other fun trinkets. I regret not having my camera that day because in his tiny shop he had all sorts of relics from his childhood […]

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