a letter from raw epistle

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Every now and then I like a Raw Epistle letter so much I share it here. Did I say every now and then? I think I’ve done it just once before. This is a letter I ‘wrote’ to one of my best friends Maysaa Al-Mumin. Read More

Gallery Tilal|Stories of Eves|Thirty-Five Pages Front and Back

thirty-five pages front and back, 2011, acrylic and collage on canvas, 100cm x 100cm

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eve’s letter from eve|december 9 pm

scroll down in case you're wondering how i got the three panels to stand upright like this

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Homes: Nada Dalloul

my picture is the one in the bottom left hand cubby

Months and months ago, I mailed a letter locally via Kuwait’s post. My friend finally received the letter, a picture I did on May 14th titled Dream & the Nonsense. I love the way Nada has made the colors on her shelf work. Maybe it is merely coincidental that the babushka dolls and green, oval picture reflect the colors of my drawing, but I love the whole look, accident or not. Read More

Thank You, Henry

you have made my ankles very happy

On a shopping spree in Beirut last week, my mom introduced me to Henry’s Handmade boutique. Inside, I met Henry, an accessory maker who works with leather, thread, coins and other fun trinkets. I regret not having my camera that day because in his tiny shop he had all sorts of relics from his childhood and these funky, colorful, spherical TV sets. Everywhere.┬áBut what I loved most were the details of how he conducted his business. Read More

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