flash lessons

My son is teaching me how to use Flash. It bothered him slightly that I was doodling, but he does the same at school. I’m very excited about my lessons.

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Art Lesson at the G (and Other Goings on)|May 30

Sometimes visitors drop in during my lessons with Eman. My sister-in-law Jana came through to take some photos of the two-dimensional Yasmine and another painting. It’s always fun to introduce people from my many different worlds to each other. As for Eman’s scarf, well, that’s finally done. The painting isn’t complete yet as she still […]

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Art Lesson at the G|May 23

Eman is making progress with the shawl. She really gets into it. She’s painting a very difficult object. Fabric is hard enough let alone patterned fabric. Bravo, Eman!

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