airplane timelines } kuwait to beirut, beirut to kuwait and all in between

My family and I spent a lovely week in Beirut and the Lebanese mountains for my sister Yasmine’s wedding. I’ll share some moments here.

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girls & the mountains

I let the girls run amok in the Pantiles so I figured why not let them go wild up here in the Lebanese mountaintops? 

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a rainy november day in junieh with david and hussein

This is long overdue. I have been meaning to write a post about my visit to my new friends David Habchy and Hussein Nakhal’s Junieh studio since November. I ‘met’ David via Instagram (you must check out his gallery here) and flew to Beirut in October mainly to meet him. I wanted to explore his […]

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my friends & me } david habchy

I finally met one of my Instagram heroes David Habchy in his coastal hometown of Jounieh, Lebanon. I plan to publish a whole post about meeting David and his Waraq collective partner and co-founder Hussein Nakhal. But for now, I must make do with posting his Instagram shots from this morning because I only have […]

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the traveling tap four } current location } beirut, lebanon

So this is what happens when there are multiple custodians of the tapestry. I get a deluge of very similar posts. However. Each and every one is special because I know how much work goes into taking one of these shots. So I’d like to thank one mother, two aunties, and two cousins for taking […]

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Fairuz & Me|February 21 Morning

When I painted Um Kulthum, it was because I was inspired by an exhibition at 360 mall to paint her and not her music or who she was. I don’t claim to have an understanding of Fairuz but I know how I feel when I see her or hear her music. She and her songs […]

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