lb o j’zazz’s intro to art clay silver workshop } yesterday i made a pair of earrings

I’ve been wanting to take one of Lubna Saif Abbas’ workshops for ages, but they always fell on days that I couldn’t attend. This one, however, was on a Sunday afternoon. Perfect. And what made it even more perfect was that I love playing with clay and I love silver and it sort of blended […]

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girls explore } a visit to LB o J’zazz and other things

The girls visited my friend Lubna at her studio LB o J’zazz last week and decided to stay behind. That’s OK because I know Lubna’s taking good care of them. In fact she’s taken to photographing them too. Here, you’ll find two of her photos among mine. Both the girls and I are in good company indeed!

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The Bejeweled Show } Soda Pop Bling | Totemic Flights

I haven’t had much time to visit the galleries this season but this particular show was important to me because not only are LB o J’zazz‘s Lubna Saif Abbas and Bettina Al-Bakhit good friends of mine, but I am so inspired by their hand-made jewelry and am a little girl lost in their bead haven […]

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