new painting } eves at the forum

I started this painting in late July, and until I finished it two days ago, it had been driving me mad. For the longest time I kept denying that the painting¬†felt wrong, that I even hated it. I put it away for weeks, in avoidance and resentment for¬†the subjects it portrayed. It’s the worst feeling […]

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found notebook from the nineteen hundreds

I recently found this sketchpad under a pile of books. It had always been there-I see it all the time-but I never thought to look in it. What I found was a barely filled book of drawings, but more outstandingly, ideas; from being the King of my own little island (not a Queen, and don’t […]

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new painting|still untitled

This is a painting I started a few days ago. I like to show some stages of my unfinished work because I like the way they look at that stage. I am approaching this painting very differently because I’m using many layers of diluted acrylic. Let’s just see where it goes from here.

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Mead Academie Sketch Diary

I bought this large 14 x 11 inch notebook from a stationary shop in New York in 2002. It’s perfect for pencil sketches but of course I like to use it with any writing or coloring tool I can get my hand on. I still have many blank pages left because I’ve decided to just […]

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Cultural Re-Expressions 101

In 2004, my brother Tareq and I collaborated on an exhibition of his conception and design which he used ‘Cultural Re-Expressions 101’ as a working title for. Soon, that title disappeared and it became ‘that show you did with your brother Tareq at the Life Shopping Center’. Basically, he had this idea to present a […]

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