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Christmas time is upon us, it’s snowing on prettygreenbullet and I’m in the mood for a bit of shopping. As much as I’ve always appreciated hand-crafted items, my last trip to London, specifically the Contemporary Crafts & Design Fair in Chelsea, intensified my desire for all things handmade with passion and love. So in the spirit of Christmas […]

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lanterns #1 & #2

I’ve been calling these lamps but they’re actually lanterns. Yes they are, and yes I’m anal like that. These are my first two lamps for the upcoming show. And sorry about the video, I couldn’t resist.

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old lamp | new lamp

To think I was going to throw this old lamp away. If it weren’t for a dream I had two nights ago, I would have eventually gotten rid of it. And because of that dream and the work of art I created in it, I now have a new lamp. But let me tell you, […]

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