four sketches on this extra day

I never understood why a year with an extra day would be called a leap year. You’d think it was the year the frog didn’t leap over the 29th.

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my green & stone sketchbook } the first seventeen pages

On my last trip to London I bought a new sketchbook from Green and Stone’s, no surprise. It has been rather difficult to find a sketchbook with the right degree of soft- to roughness ratio and absorption. When I bought this one, I felt I’d found the one. As lovely as the paper is, it still doesn’t measure up to […]

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her blue yoyø

Music is Hard to Find by The American Analog Set.

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coral and yazoo

I must say that these girls are in demand! And that suits me fine because I’m enjoying my time spent creating them. Coral and Yazoo rock to Madness’s Baggy Trousers.

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video illustration } take three

A little over a minute done. I need to get permission for this song and the process is so confusing! Any advice is welcome x

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four sketches for anna

Anna, for you and your wonderful distractions. Thanks for the song that made me dance and a story that nearly made me cry. Gorillaz, O’ Green World

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