alphabet soup } q is for queasy

My alphabet recital stopped at ‘p’ eons ago. I have to admit I wasn’t that into it. I didn’t think it was clever enough, or maybe¬†I was trying to be too clever. So I sort of forgot about it. I decided to look at my previous illustrations¬†and thought: you know what? This isn’t so bad. […]

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A Poem By Rola El Hussein

This poem by Rola El Hussein was taken from her book titled I Only Move to Have the Dust Wiped From Underneath Me. She writes in Arabic but I tried my best to translate the poem in her spirit. Thank you, Rola, for inspiring this illustration.

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A Poem By Reem

This is a tiny video I made, inspired by and ‘illustrated’ for Reem Al-Ali’s poem Untitled [lesbian]. I am including the actual poem below because to my horror, the poem is illegible. So sorry, Reemy, I’ll do better next time. Untitled [lesbian] Together they crawled into a left-out space, and made it their own… They […]

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