vee aye pee

This Global Art Forum has opened up a huge can of worms called the VIP list. This type of caste system has never bothered or affected me until it…well…affected me. First of all, and to borrow a phrase from my Average Joe du jour John Oliver, VIP: how is it still a thing?

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me, my friends and the ninth global art forum

So the Global Art Forum came and went. There were glitches, some heartache and a general feeling of ‘it could’ve been better’. I’m sure we did all we could to present and host it to our best abilities. All I can hope for is that a. we do a better job next year (if we’re asked) and […]

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global art forum exhibition } preparing for tomorrow

Tomorrow is the opening of Art Dubai’s Global Art Forum, held here in Kuwait for the first time. Part of the two-day event is a group exhibition at Dar Al-Athar Al-Islamiya’s Amricani Cultural Center in Sharg. For the past four days, in one way or another, the four artists displaying their work, with the help […]

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