Gallery Tilal|AbdelRida Baqer

One of the exhibitions I visited last Sunday was one of Kuwait’s veteran artists’, AbdelRida Baqer. If you like muted, neutral colors, bold yet understated brush strokes and lots of movement, then I think you might like this show. It’s up until May 3rd at Gallery Tilal.

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Stories of Eves|Complete Collection

eve takes a profile pic, 2010, acrylic and collage on canvas, 230 x 140 cm Here is my complete Stories of Eves collection. The paintings were photographed by Jana Alnaqeeb.

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Stories of Eves Exhibition Photos|Mohammed Alkandari

And another opening passes by. I wish I could have enjoyed it more but I was (and still am) in the midst of nursing what feels like a stomach virus again. For someone who takes pleasure in food, that sucks. I hope, however, that for those of you who didn’t attend, you enjoy the photos […]

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eve takes a profile pic|return to

I’m bound and determined to finish this painting by the end of this week. Eve takes a Profile Pic is the second of a series for my March exhibition at the Gallery Tilal.

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Stories of Eves|Eve & Adam

I decided for my March exhibition at Gallery Tilal to continue my Stories of Eves series. I just feel like I haven’t explored the subject to my fullest capacity (in other words, I’m still not bored with it). And in light of some personal current events, there is still so much I want to say […]

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New Painting|Still No Name

Not finished yet but I’m hoping soon. My new camera is crap.

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