New Painting|An Aging Ballerina with Many, Many Flowers

When I decided to do a dance series, I started off so gung-ho and art school about it. I wanted to call Andie Hicks (I think everyone with a daughter, niece or little sister knows she’s the doyen of Kuwait’s ballet world) and sit in on her sessions. Then I thought I’d get the same […]

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no story

    I was hoping that my friends would help me with not just a title for this sketch but a little story as well. And when I say ‘little’, I mean a few pithy lines. Thank you, Reda Salem, for being the first to volunteer. Thanks, everyone for taking the time to really think […]

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A Third Dream|Flora & Fauna

Oh my goodness. I had this on and listening to music on my iTunes. Carribean Blue by Enya (my son downloaded it, not me, I promise) started playing and it fit wonderfully with the slideshow I’m afraid to say. So if you have the song, listen to it while this slideshow plays. But if you […]

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