From the Bspot|Plane Sketches|December 5, 2006, Kuwait Airways Flight 178, Paris to Kuwait

counting time with different colored pens

On our way back to Kuwait from Paris. This time I had a window seat which I always prefer. The estimated flight time was 5 hours and 50 minutes. I was counting time by creating squares for each minute we were flying and methodically scratching them out. That flight (also a daytime flight) I saw a rainbow. I’d read before that if you see a rainbow from above, you see the whole circle, not just an arc. I couldn’t really believe it until I saw it. It appeared as a small circle, but exciting nonetheless. Read More

From the Bspot|Plane Sketches|November 27, 2006, Kuwait Airways Flight 177, Kuwait to Paris|Originally Posted June 29, 2009

the countdown begins an hour into the flightThese were done on board Kuwait Airways in late 2006. I was flying with Amira Behbehani (to my left) and Thuraya Al-Baqsami (on my right). We were en route to Paris for a group show at the Institut Du Monde Arabe (also with us was Suhaila Al-Najdi sitting in Business Class the lucky duck). It must have been one of the most unpleasant daytime flights ever. The cabin crew had asked passengers to draw the window blinds and turned off all lights. Thuraya was really funny because she wasn’t going to take it sitting down. She finally asked-well, told-the flight attendant that she knew what they were up to; that they wanted the passengers to be asleep throughout the flight so that they didn’t have to worry about serving us! Soon after her complaint, the lights were all on again and people were starting to wake up from their siestas. The drawings I’ve included here are a fraction of the ones I drew on that plane. I started off in an orderly fashion but soon enough I started losing it. I came to a point where it didn’t matter what I drew as long as I kept my hand busy. Read More

From the Bspot|Plane Sketches|August 22-24, Too Many Planes to Too Many Destinations|Originally Posted July 12, 2009

the squares. i think this is when it all started

What was supposed to be a simple flight from Frankfurt to Kuwait turned into a nightmarish Juha-like trip which spanned three days. All thanks to the incompetence of our then travel agents. I was traveling with my ex-husband and three children, first to Amsterdam and then a road/train trip around Germany. A few days before our trip back to Kuwait, we luckily learned (to our horror nonetheless) that our flight back had been cancelled. So our revised and far-less-than-improved itinerary became as such: Frankfurt, north to Amsterdam, south to Abu-Dhabi, north to Bahrain, and then north again to Kuwait. The sketch above is the first incident of my square fixation. I was drawing the squares in a tantric-like state, from Amsterdam to Abu-Dhabi. I soon started a small sketchbook dedicated to just squares, page after page. I lost that book. Read More

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