new instagram project } the astrid~ghadah exchange

My new Instagram friend and collaborator Astrid Walsh and I have a little exchange thing going on. She’s adopted two of my girls, who now live in Cork, Ireland and I just welcomed her two ladies. We’re going to give them a bit of an adventure and hope we-the moms-learn more about each other this […]

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lantern #4 complete } a population of eve

I never intended for my girls to be stuck with the name Eve, but people won’t stop calling them that. Oh well.

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today i drew a picture

I don’t know what it is about Sundays but that’s when I usually¬†get the urge to experiment and goof off. But I think my strongest works stem from experimentation and a sense of play. And this was a lot of fun. Especially with Instagram in my life.

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A New Painting

A few days ago I started a painting in oils. Oils proved to be more challenging than I remember, because I’m more accustomed to using acrylics. But I know I’ll adapt. I started this painting with the figure facing the viewer. Then I added another woman embracing the first. I rarely paint people interacting with […]

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