airplane timelines } jazeera airways flight 177 dubai to kuwait } march 23rd, 2013

What a messy day this was. I got to Dubai International Airport with ample time to check-in, have my breakfast and enjoy the requisite Duty Free experience. I soon discovered that instead of booking for that day, I’d booked for the 30th. Needless to say I wanted to kick myself in the bum and then […]

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art dubai 2013

After years of ‘You’re not going to Art Dubai?’ or  ‘You must go to Art Dubai’, I decided to go to Art Dubai. I was always skeptical about it, accused it of being too commercial, that art should not be displayed in such an exhibitionist manner, that it should be more intimate, ideally displayed in […]

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the traveling tap 2 } current location } doha, qatar

This tapestry is in Doha at the moment, being taken care of by one of my best friends, Maysaa Almumin. To locate the other four tapestries and where they are and have been, click on tapestry 1, tapestry 3, tapestry 4 or tapestry 5. And if you’re interested in taking care of one of these […]

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