From the Bspot|Plane Sketches|December 5, 2006, Kuwait Airways Flight 178, Paris to Kuwait

On our way back to Kuwait from Paris. This time I had a window seat which I always prefer. The estimated flight time was 5 hours and 50 minutes. I was counting time by creating squares for each minute we were flying and methodically scratching them out. That flight (also a daytime flight) I saw […]

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There’s Always Something to Write On/Scribble in

I hate going out in this country. I have many obligatory family visits that put such a damper in my day, even though I happen to be fond of many of my family members. I just always prefer to stay at home. Especially when I’m at a crucial part of a painting and the whole […]

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From the Bspot|Plane Sketches|December 17, 2008, Emirates Air|Kuala Lumpur to Dubai|Originally Posted June 26, 2009

I’m going to start posting my airplane sketches on here. These are drawings I do on a plane. Because I’m a nervous flyer-well, I used to be anyway-my sketching style changes. There is a purpose to most of these drawings and that’s to help me pass time.The drawings are different and distinguished in several ways. […]

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Notes & Doodles From the National Council Days

I don’t remember the exact dates but for a period of around three years (1997-2000) I was employed at the National Council for Culture, Arts and Letters. I started out quite gung-ho until about a year into my job when I discovered that my work there was redundant. I think two other people were assigned […]

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Plans For an Exhibition

This page is taken from my brown planning book. I bought the actual sketchbook in New York, and it just sort of became my planning book, because I have SO many books that I use contemporaneously. For more pages like this, gently click on this phrase: shubaik lubaik, and it will take you there.

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Notes & Doodles

Click on the image to take you to Katy’s unruly kingdom. Enjoy.

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