the little ones } inspired by a doodle this morning

A few months ago I drew some pictures and called them ‘The Little Ones’ because they’re little. And they’re cute. This morning, instead of cleaning my home I picked up the above piece of paper that I’d used to serve as a masking device for one of my paintings, and I wrote some notes on it. Then I […]

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Dream & the Nonsense

What did you dream last night? I have mailed this picture to a friend, but I’m not saying who. I just hope the postal service doesn’t fail me this time.

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From the Bspot|Plane Sketches|June 12, 2007|On Board Kuwait Airways Flight 543 Kuwait to Cairo|Originally Posted August 16, 2009

This was a short flight aboard a rented Novair Airbus 33o (I think Norwegian). In a tumultuous period of my life, I found peace at 35,000 feet. I was alone on this trip, attending my friend Dagher’s wedding. It was my last trip to Cairo [I have been to Cairo since I posted this].

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