fairuz, 2010, acrylic and oil pastels on canvas, 135cm x 250cm

Please remember that Fairuz is on display at the Boushahri Gallery for a week. The gallery is located in Salmiya, Baghdad Street, Building 36. Park your car in the back, there’s usually lots of space. If you’re walking, you can go straight through the side door (by the camera store). Morning hours are 10am-1pm, evening hours are 5pm-9pm except for Thursdays. The gallery is closed on Fridays.

Fairuz & Me|Making Amends On March 9 AM



A few days ago I had a little accident with Fairuz. I tried as much as I could to fix it without completely erasing the remnants of that serendipitous incident.

Fairuz & Me|March 6 AM

when i'm tired i just lie down on the floor and watch the paint drip

I’m at a bit of a low here with Fairuz. But I still know what I want to achieve and how to do it so I’m fine. It’s been such a struggle with her. To me, she is not like the painting of Um Kulthum, which was a literal translation from photo to painting. With Fairuz, I am painting her from memory, my memory, my exaggerations and my feelings from bygone days when I used to watch her on TV, transfixed by her cold stature. She is so layered and I have destroyed and reconstructed her over and over and over. I am so tired but I know I must be done with her soon or I’m going to crack. Read More

Fairuz & Me|March 4 PM

i can almost hear you

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Fairuz & Me|March 3 PM


i'm starting to feel you

She’s beginning to come together and I’m enjoying the process again. I know what I want, it’s just going to take time. Fairuz, you must be spectacular, spectacular, SPECTACULAR. Read More

Fairuz & Me|March 1 All Day

i know it looks like i didn't do much. well, i hadn't at this stage

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Fairuz & Me|February 28 Afternoon

sorry, i screwed up your nose yesterday

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Fairuz & Me|February 26 All Day

some more drip drip drippage

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Fairuz & Me|February 24 Morning

you still have the same mouth but something is different

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Fairuz & Me|February 23 Morning

it's still not her mouth! but i'm keeping it for now because she needs to sing

She’s driving me mad, even though I am enjoying painting her. She looks like the spawn of David Bowie and Tori Amos if they ever got together. Her mouth was so easy to sketch but painting it has proven rather difficult. I’m getting there though. Read More

Fairuz & Me|February 22 Morning

Fairuz you will get your mouth back soon. i'm just having a little trouble with it at the moment

She’s proving to be a little difficult. It’s very hard getting bits and pieces from one photo or another. I really need to feel her and it’s not happening yet. But it’ll come. I can’t wait to get back to my girls. At least they don’t fight back. Not like Fairuz anyway. Read More

Fairuz & Me|February 21 Noon

you lookin' at me?

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Fairuz & Me|February 21 Morning

fairuz and the flower in her hair

When I painted Um Kulthum, it was because I was inspired by an exhibition at 360 mall to paint her and not her music or who she was. I don’t claim to have an understanding of Fairuz but I know how I feel when I see her or hear her music. She and her songs evoke memories of my childhood whereas Um Kulthum did not. Um Kulthum was a challenge I enjoyed the experience of standing up to; Fairuz I am painting with something more than that, a personal treasure of memories. So let’s see what happens!

I am using some photographs. But I feel that I don’t really need them. This sketch I did from memory and feeling. I might need the pictures just to inspire me or get some technical help and color inspiration. Read More

Um Kulthum

um kulthum, 2010, acrylic on canvas, approx. 135cm x 250cm

Um Kulthum & Me

she finally sings

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Um Kulthum & Me

is she crying? am i?

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