homes } bianca simonian

You can’t really see them but these are the framed postcards from my last exhibition. They watch over Bianca at night, filtering any nightmare and turning it into a dream. Plus I love the way they look with her bed covers and cushions.

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Homes:Yasmine Alkandari

My brothers and sister love me. Enough to allow me to use their wall space instead of stacking my paintings in my studio. These are two of ten charcoal works I did over the summer. The poor things got warped in a wave of heavy humidity we had around August.

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Homes: Sarah Al-Hamad|London, England

I think that where a person chooses to hang a painting says a lot about her relationship with it. It also serves as a continuation to the work itself. Sarah has placed her lady at one end of a cabinet, with a simple lamp at the other. Before I saw this, I never felt that […]

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