david comes to town } day two

I know I’m posting these so belatedly, but I want them to be on my PGB record. And what better way to capture the Spirit of David than these photos taken around Kuwait. So this is how the day went: Al-Hamra Shopping Mall at 10 where David nearly got a heart attack upon approaching the […]

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looking for lost keys in the desert

Our original plan was to do one shoot with David, get that done with and explore Kuwait’s other treasures. We had so much fun on Saturday that we decided to come back. Also, we had some keys and sunglasses to find. We found the glasses but not the keys. It was very gusty this time […]

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david comes to town } day one

I really wish I wrote and posted this on the day itself. I just didn’t have the time to do it. What I document here is a mere fraction of what we did and a tiny memory taken from my newly acquired bank of good feeling and fun.

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a visit from a dear friend yields photographic fruit

A dear friend of mine visited me this weekend. David Dobson. David is a professional photographer and amateur side-splitter. The last time I had seen David was in the Cairo American College auditorium where I bid him a warm good-bye. I really liked David in high school. He not only made everyone laugh but you […]

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