eve, me & the polyhedra

A few days ago I trekked to Muji at the Avenues to restock on color origami paper. Of course, as expected, they were out. But I found these square notepads with ecru-colored paper, ready and perfect for being stamped and folded. The new polyhedra are smaller, which I actually like. And I don’t think that Muji Kuwait […]

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girls explore } eve van vaterbearer on instagram

I decided that Eve has worked hard enough, frolicked long enough and has enough antics under her belt to merit her own Instagram account. And she deserves a last name. Here she is: Eve van Vaterbearer. Follow her on @stories_of_eves.

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girls explore } thieving eves

I hadn’t realized how many Eves I’d shot and not posted here. As always, they’ve had weeks of antics, discoveries and the usual tomfoolery. My Eves chose this song for the post because they are a gaggle of drunken harlots tonight: The Cat Empire-The Wine Song

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