uk days } part one

I am finding being in the UK rather difficult this time. I don’t know if it’s my long stay (two weeks) when I’m missing my kids already, Naz leaving tonight or the loneliness I’m feeling without *him*. It’s not like I hadn’t been here before without him in my life, but somehow it’s sadder this […]

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girls explore } the old monkey

Of course I had to take my little Eves to the countryside with me. Actually, these three were created in the cottage. I guess I can call them my Hadleigh girls. Or my Old Monkeys. This is a tour of the cottage through their playful antics.

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a trip to essex } brook cottage

I never thought that after Rose Cottage last August I’d visit the English countryside again so soon after, and this time with my loved ones. It felt amazing to take this trip with my children and sister, because I did feel lonely the last time. And my people are a lot of fun to be […]

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finally rose } day one

Three days ago I arrived in the UK, with a promise ┬áto take back England and return to myself. Yes, I know this all sounds very much like a second coming-of-age or worse yet, a midlife crisis, but those who know me know how difficult things have been in the past few months. And they […]

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