secretary } loft965’s sombreve tonight

In August I was asked by Loft965‘s Nasser AlQatami to create an Eve for his September playlist. He explained it was an annual list which was traditionally broody and moody; a little like me, a little like Eve. Of course I said yes. He told me how his playlist titles were always portmanteaus so together we came up […]

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my friends & me } eve & drala

One of my favorite things to do is collaborate with my friends. A few days ago I got an email from my college friend Davina ‘Deeni’ Pallone. She was wondering if my eve would like a play date with the fishies in her latest paintings. Of course I said ‘yes’. You can see Deeni’s work here: […]

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new instagram project } the astrid~ghadah exchange

My new Instagram friend and collaborator Astrid Walsh and I have a little exchange thing going on. She’s adopted two of my girls, who now live in Cork, Ireland and I just welcomed her two ladies. We’re going to give them a bit of an adventure and hope we-the moms-learn more about each other this […]

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my friends & me } thuraya lynn

I have never met Thuraya Lynn. At least not in person. But through her works, I have fallen in love with this elfin artist. Thuraya Lynn is ‘Kuwaiti’ by name but she appears to be anything but. I follow her on Instagram and she seems to belong to a coterie of young, life-loving misfits (and […]

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august drawing|here’s the beginning

I love to get people involved in drawing, and I’m always interested in the infinite ways a line can be enhanced or re-interpreted. So I started a drawing and would like to invite you to finish it. All you need is a printer, scanner and the tools to make it yours. When you’re done, please […]

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